2017 Barry Walker Classic Pairs – Quarter-Final Results

Congratulations to teams winning through following Saturday's quarter-finals.

There were three games in the afternoon's quarter-finals. In the first game were Clive Donohoo and Don Stubbin up against Frank Barr (substituting for Milton Purkiss) and Don Couch. Your reporter notes how great it was to see Frank join us for bowls on a Saturday. the first third of the game started fairly evenly with the two teams going shot for shot to see scores 7-6 to Clive and Don Stubbin after 7 ends. Clive and Don put together some good heads to shoot ahead to a 19-10 lead after 15 ends. Frank and Don managed to pull back a few shots before Clive and Don shot out in front to take the win 22-18.

The next game saw David Curtis and Ross Fitzpatrick face off against Steve Hardwick and Kevin Tuckerman. In many respects, this game was similar to Steve and Kevin's morning game. Steve and Kevin got an early lead to behead 9-4 after 6 ends before David and Ross came right back into the game with a run of five ends straight to lead 16-11 after 13 ends. The lead went back and forth between the two teams right up to the last end when Steve and Kevin got 1 shot to send the game into an extra end sudden death playoff. After some good bowls from David, Kevin went to the mat down by two. Kev put a lovely draw bowl into the head making the result very much an up and down proposition. Ross came into the head narrow but managed to just touch David's bowl, knocking it the half an inch needed to take the shot and the game. The final score was 26-25 to David and Ross.

In the last game of the afternoon, Barry Walker and Keith Robinson played against David Polley and Jim Ede. The major difference in this game was that when Barry and Keith won an end, it was typically a multiple whereas David and Jim were more likely to get just one shot. The first half of the game was reasonably even with the scores 9-6 to Barry and Keith after 11 ends. On the 12th end, Barry and Keith picked up four shots. They took this momentum with them through the rest of the game, winning 6 of the next 8 ends. With no requirement to play the last end, Barry and Keith took the win 21-10.

Congratulations to the afternoon's winners and best wishes for tomorrow morning's competition.

Dave Wilson reporting from the rinkside.

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