2017 Pennants – Round 5

With the sun shining, it was a delight to only have one game to report on. Having Sundays back without a morning game of bowls was a great motivator for many to have a stirling game on Saturday.

The 5s were away at Hunters Hill. They came away with a big 67-47 big board win. Michael Quinlan's team got up 20-16, Kevin Tuckerman's team got up 19-16 and Geoff McIntosh's team had a big win 28-15.  Halfway through the season, the 5s are sitting in the 3rd and are in a pretty strong position.

In the 6s away game against Rydalmere Central, the final result was very close coming down to the last end of the whole game. Darrin Ede and David Wilson teams fought back in the closing ends of their games to minimise the damage, going down 16-21 and 20-26 respectively.  Ross Fitzpatrick's team led throughout the entire game, however, after 62 ends the big board was tied on 62 shots all. In a tense final end, all members of the team (Les Watkins, Max Walters, Rod Foster and Ross Fitzpatrick) drew shots and put WPH in the box seat to take the win. With 3 shots on the last end, the 6s took eight points from this game winning the big board 65-62. The 6s are sitting in 4th in their section.

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