Donohoo, Trimboli, Stubbin and Iredale win 2016 Fours!

Congratulations to our 2016 Gordon Atkins Fours Champions in Clive Donohoo, Michael Trimboli, Don Stubbin and Ross Iredale who were victorious over Steve Arnold, Ian Corke, Geoff McIntosh and Kevin Tuckerman.

In a game of thirds, both teams seemed pretty evenly matched. In the first third, Kevin Tuckerman's team took an early lead before Ross Iredale's team came back to have the scores tied on 7-all on the ninth end. The back and forth continue in the second third where Kevin Tuckerman's team was again in the lead 14-9 after 14 ends.

However, this was when Ross Iredale's team hit the accelerator. These four went on to win the last seven ends of the game including a 3 and a 4 on the last two ends. This put the final score at 21-14 in favour of Donohoo, Trimboli, Stubbin and Iredale.


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