Competition Panel and Pennant Training for the 2017 Season

As members are aware, your Management Committee has appointed Ross Fitzpatrick, Ross Iredale, Michael Quinlan and Michael Schwarcz to the Competition Panel for 2016-2017.

At its first meeting, the Panel agreed upon its vision for the 2017 Season. This vision is to put our most competitive teams on the green and to do so by asking members to undertake training through the forty-eight bowls test.

The forty-eight bowls test assesses an individual’s bowling ability. The test is designed to objectively provide the Competition Panel with a snapshot of where our Section’s playing ability is at. This not only better informs which grades we might play but also what position an individual can best support their team from.

A copy of Competition Panel’s Training for Competition Bowls 2016-2017 (which outlines the training program) can be downloaded from the Koala Blog or by clicking here.

David Wilson


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