BowlsNSW 2016 Conditions of Play Review

The State Match Committee will soon begin the process of reviewing the 2016 Conditions of Play.

Submissions are invited from all stakeholders to be considered in the review and the drafting of the 2017 Conditions of Play.

Submissions should address any concerns with the current Conditions of Play. Submissions may also address suggestions for improvement or address issues not currently covered in the Conditions of Play.

The State Match Committee has already received submissions regarding:

Duration of Matches:
It has been suggested that singles should be played to 25 shots up, and that pairs and fours should be played to 18 ends, as per International events and events played in other states

Restricting Movement of Players:
It has been suggested that Conditions of Play restricting movement of players during play, using the concept outlined in Appendix A4 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark 3rd Edition, January 2015.

The State Match Committee advises that all submissions will be considered, and seeks feedback on the above two submissions (either in favour or against, as the case may be).

Submissions should be sent to the Chair of the WPH Match Committee Michael Schwarcz at

Submissions should be received before 21 May 2016.

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