Expressions of Interest – Competition Panel Vacancy

In line with recommendations from Bowls Australia, your Management Committee took a unanimous decision to continue with a Competition Panel over the next twelve months.

Following the passing of Tony Boughton, there is a need to fill his vacancy on the Competition Panel for the remainder of the Pennant Season. This bowler will be from Grade 6 or 7. Bowlers in Grade 5 need not apply. Appointment to the Competition Panel will be by your Management Committee under the Regulations for sub-committee appointments.

Please contact the Secretary by downloading the Expression of Interest form from the website and placing it in hard copy in the mailbox in the Sports Room or emailing it to by no later than COB Wednesday 20 April 2016.

Collaboration between both the Selection Panel and Competition Panel is vital to the ongoing success of the Section. These panels do not operate in isolation, they operate together.

David Wilson



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