Wrap up from the State and Reserve Fours

Congratulations to all WPH teams on their great performance in both the State and Reserve Fours. Although many teams did not progress pass the first round, we kept a lot of other teams throughout the Zone on their toes with some very competitive results.

In the State Fours at NBC Sports Club:

The side of Jeremy Thiedeman, Ross Fitzpatrick, John Leonard and Geoff McIntosh came up against stiff opposition from Gladesville to round out the game 14-27.

Mike Brown, Keith Robinson, Dallas Palm and Peter Eagle were cruising early before a determined side from Wentworthville Leagues caught up to them and ultimately over took them 14-27.

Peter Boyd, Les Watkins, Darrin Ede and David Wilson gave a side from Northmead (who clearly had tickets on themselves) a real run for their money, coming up just short in the closing ends of the game 15-19.

Norm Jackson, Brian Joyce, David Jeffrey and Paul van Tilburg faced a tough draw which unfortunately got the better of them going down 9-30.

In the Reserve Fours at Wentworthville Leagues:

Clive Donohoo, Gary Tyrrell, Ian Corke and Bob Cole came tantalisingly close to victory going down by only one shot (President notes: unfortunately, the final result of this game is not known as it is yet to be published in a timely manner by either Wentworthville Leagues or Zone 10).

In the Reserve Fours at West Pennant Hills:

Jim Ede, Rod Gamble, Ross Iredale and Don Stubbin had the home ground advantage but unfortunately were unable to translate this into a win going down 18-27.

Full results are (allegedly) available on the Zone 10 website. 

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