Another article on Etiquette in playing Lawn Bowls.  Again it involves Law 13.3 which describes the penalties when a player in possession of the rink believes he is interfered with, annoyed or distracted in any way by their opponents.

It may be argued that opponents , as well as the players on the rink of play,  may be players on another rink or spectators wandering along the bank at the head end of play can interfere with a bowler.

Therefore I suggest if players or spectators wish to wander across a rink on the bank when a player is about to deliver a bowl at the mat end, they should stop and wait until the bowl has been delivered.

I admit the penalties mentioned in Law 13 seem not to apply. A request from the Umpire or Controlling Body appears to be adequate.

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p style="text-align: right;">Provided by Don Couch
WPH Chairman of Umpires

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