Surace and D’Costa win the 2016 Rod Roberts Major Pairs

Like all the games in the 2016 Rod Roberts Major Pairs, the final between Dom Surace and Gerard D'Costa and Clive Donohoo and John Leonard was an incredibly close game that kept the crowd guessing all morning.

Right from the first end, the game was always going to be tight. Back and forth throughout the first third of the game, the scores were locked at 5-6 after 7 ends in Dom and Gerard's favour.

Dom and Gerard managed to make a bit of a break away over the next third of the game to be up 14-9 after 14 ends. Clive and John made a huge play over the next few ends to be 19-18 heading into the last end. 

The 21st end saw the shot swing between both teams with some fine bowling from all bowlers. Ultimately with his last bowl, Gerard took the shot to take the game into an extra end with the scores locked at 19-19.

With a long end thrown, it was always going to be a tight end. Dom played a bomb, with the final bowl from Gerard not needed. After 22 ends, the final score was 20-19 in favour of Dom and Gerard.

The 2016 Champions are Dom Surace and Gerard D'Costa. Commisserations to Clive Donohoo and John Leonard. I know they will be back next year.

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