WPH Gives Back – Donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation

Last week, I was delighted to be able to send a cheque in the amount of $483.85 as a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia on behalf of the Men's Bowling Section. This donation was made possible through the weekly contributions of our members.

As members are aware, prostate cancer has visited upon many of our members. While most have been fortunate and come out the other side, some have not. We are heartened by the fine work which the Foundation does towards finding a cure and supporting those affected.

Following my letter and the cheque, I received this response from the National Deputy Chairman Steve Callister;

"Hi David,

Just a short note to thanks you and the club for the recent donation. It is much appreciated. Also thanks for your very personal words about your members and the work that PCFA does. It is always pleasing to hear that our activities are meaningful and appreciated.

Thanks again for your assistance. If ever you or your members have any questions please contact us.



I encourage any members who are in need or assistance or who wish to donate to visit http://www.pcfa.org.au/.

David Wilson


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