2015 Rookies Singles

Photos from Saturday's matches.

Darrin Ede showing fine delivery form in morning game.
Mike Brown working hard for his 1st round win
and of course, the supporters
Ross Fitzpatrick in post sectional match
Ross Fitzpatrick in game 1
Darrin Ede marching to game 1 victory
Steve Arnold on his way to victory in game 1
Ross Fitzpatrick in post sectional match

Finals photos.

Darrin Ede - start of the final
Darrin Ede
Michael Schwarcz watching the final
David Wilson (President) marking final - showing how to 'paddle'
Darrin with a small margin of Graeme O'Donell (Brush Park)
Darrin's family watching and hoping for another win Rookies Singles by Darrin
Darin Eded (WPH) being congratulated by Les Watkins - Vice President of Zone 10
David Wilson congratulating the finalists, Les Watkins watching.
Les Watkins congratulates Winner Graeme O'Donell (Brush Park) and Runner-up Darrin Ede (WPH) on an excellent event.
Photos by Jeremy Thiedeman

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