Adhesive Markings (Stickers) for Bowls

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Bowls Australia has issued an advice regarding bowls stickers, explaining the impact of the new requirements introduced with Crystal Mark 3rd Edition of the Laws of the Sport.

Adhesive Markings (Stickers) for Bowls

The requirements for the use of Adhesive Markings temporarily fixed to a bowl (that is, Bowls stickers) have changed with the introduction of the Crystal Mark 3rd Edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

The following advice is to assist in application of the new Laws and regulations


under the new version of the Laws:

52.1.8     The Controlling Body can supply adhesive (stick-on) markings for players to temporarily fix to both sides of their bowls, or allow players to use their own markings. When these markings are used:  they are part of the bowl for all purposes under the Laws of the Sport of Bowls;  there must be only one layer of markings fixed to either side of the bowl;  they must not be put over the serial number and the World Bowls Stamp which are present on the bias side of the bowl; and  all bowls belonging to players within a team or side must have these markings on them and the markings must all be the same design and colour. However, players may use markings which are different in size from those used by other players in their team or side where this is necessary due to differences in the sizes of the manufacturers’ rings on the bowls.  If opposing teams or sides have the same design or colour of markings and an alternative is not available, players in the team or side listed second in the draw must remove their markings.

In addition, the Bowls Australia Domestic Regulation 4.7.4 (in accordance with Law 52.1.5)  allows that the Distinctive mark (ie engraved picture or emblem on each set of bowls)may be covered on the bias side.

Guidelines for Compliance

The following are guidelines for application of the new Laws and Domestic Regulations:

  • Players in team or side may use markings that are different in size. The adhesive markings (stickers) must, however, be the same design and colour and where used must be adhered to both sides of the bowl.
  • On the bias side (the small ring) the sticker may be a small ring and/or a dot. The small ring and/or dot may cover the distinctive mark (engraving) but must not cover the World Bowls stamp or  serial number.
  • It is acceptable for one or more members of a team/side to use a small ring and another use a dot (these are stickers of different size)
  • The stickers used on the bias side of the bowls may be partially trimmed to ensure that the World Bowls Stamp and serial number remain visible.
  • It is acceptable for players to have the rings cut into sections, accommodating the large  distinctive mark (engraving) now found on some models of bowls. Further, it is acceptable for only some members of the team/side to have the rings cut into sections.
  • It is not contrary to the Laws of the Sport of Bowls for the sticker used on the non bias side (ie the large ring) to partly cover the distinctive mark (engraving) on the non bias side.
  • The adhesive markings (stickers) must be applied to each set of bowls in the same way (from example, if the dot is used on the bias side,  it must be used on each of a player's bowls used in that match).

The use of adhesive markings (stickers) is intended to simplify the identification of bowls belonging to a team or side. The use of the above guidelines is seen as a common sense approach to ensure easy compliance with the new laws.

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