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Great news - the 2015 Pennant draw for Zone 10 is now on the Zone 10 website - which is even better news as the website is new and improved and looks like a winner to me!!

Well done to Tim Cunningham & Michael Schwarcz (and anyone else I have not mentioned) for the great work in getting this up and running - a huge improvement on the old page and this will service us well for many years.  Have a look at it - lots of information


Statement from Zone 10

2015 State Pennant Appeal

This afternoon, following due consideration, the Board of Bowls NSW resolved to uphold the appeal of the Zone 10 Bowling Association against the State Match Committee’s re-allocation of grades for the 2015 Pennant Season.  As this matter has now been resolved, the Zone 10 Match Committee will proceed with the issuing of a draw based on its original grade allocations. 

It should be noted that on relaying the news back to the club affected, whilst obviously disappointed with and remaining in disagreement to the decision, they accepted the ruling with a good grace and decorum for which they are to be congratulated and Zone 10 Match is most grateful.

2015 State Pennants

The draw for this years State Pennants has been completed and can be viewed on the State Pennants Page

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Zone 10 Publicity
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