"I (Wendii) was looking through some old files today, and I found copies of our newsletter from 2010.  I can’t remember exactly when we started it, but in 2010 it went from bi-weekly to weekly.  

I remember making that recommendation to Mark.  ‘The Newsletter’ I said, ‘I think it should be weekly’.  He said ‘Okay, but you’re going to write it’. 
You know those moments when you wish you could rewind?  Just go back 3 minutes and not make such a silly suggestion?  It was one of those moments. 
Now I think about it, there’s been a good few of those ‘that’s a good idea, why don’t you do that’ moments.  ‘I’ve got a great idea’ I say.  He says ‘That is a great idea.  Show me a prototype next week’.  Ooops.  Now I’m a cartoon character who just ran off the cliff and realizes there is no air underneath.
It’s actually not that hard to write a newsletter every week.  Sure, my legs flailed a bit over the canyon, but they found solid ground again before I crashed.
In fact, all the things I’ve been expected to do in the last 5 years have been pretty doable – whether or not I knew it at the time.  It turns out, that either a) my boss really does have more experience than me and knows better than me what I can or cannot do, or b) high expectations lead to high performance. 
Next time you’re asked to do something you think you can’t, trust the person who is asking.  They believe you can get across the canyon, legs flailing and all. You don't have to believe.  You just have to go towards the cliff. "

Manager Tools Newsletter 13 Jan 2015 

In lawn bowls (and I suspect all team sports) trust is a very important element to high performance. For example, when the skip (or 3rd) gives the bowler an instruction on what result he wants the bowler to achieve, it is important to trust the Skip knows what they are looking at and what the outcome will be. Likewise, the Skip trusts the bowler to deliver what is called.

I have had personal experience as a lead for a talented skip in the 2010 Pennant campaign, that regularly said 'trust me, you can do this'. Invariably I pulled off the shot that he asked for, yet without that encouragement and trust by him, I doubt I would have.

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