It's Not The Right Time
My parents are visiting and staying with me for 3 weeks. They’ve gone out for a walk and they’ll be back in about 3 hours, so I’m going through my email and other work as fast as I can.

Every now and again
I come across something and I think, ‘I really should set up a system for that’. And I don’t because, well, I’ve only got 3 hours and it’ll take 20 minutes and I can get a bunch of other things done in that time. And I didn’t do it last week, because I didn’t have much time because I was running errands preparing for their visit. And the week before that was the first one after Christmas, so of course, I was catching up, and the two weeks before that were Christmas, and the week before that was preparation for Christmas and so on. And I won’t get it done in the next 2 weeks, because they’re here and the week after I’ll be catching up and 2 weeks after that is our offsite, so I’ll be preparing for that, and all in all 4 months will have gone past without me spending 20 minutes to save the 10 minutes I can, every week, by setting up a system.
There is never a right time. Never. There’s always something going on which makes you busier than usual. That week of peace and quiet you want to catch up? It never comes. Or it does and you squander it because you’re so tired of running on your treadmill.
I read an anonymous quote this morning: “Get results, or make excuses. Your choice.” No more excuses for me. I’m going to get that system set up now, and stop waiting for the perfect time

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Doesn't this sound familiar? You think 'I'll go to the club and practice those on shots'. It doesn't happen because 'it's not the right time'.
The best way to improve your game and reduce the weaknesses is for purposeful practice on the green.
If you're not sure how to fix those problems (I know, it's hard to admit we have them) then talk to one of our experienced coaches, arrange a session and learn and use specific drills.
Before you know it, your problem areas have become your assets.

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