2015 Rookies Singles

Photos from Saturday's matches.

Ross Fitzpatrick in post sectional match
Darrin Ede marching to game 1 victory
and of course, the supporters
Mike Brown working hard for his 1st round win
Steve Arnold on his way to victory in game 1
Ross Fitzpatrick in post sectional match
Ross Fitzpatrick in game 1
Darrin Ede showing fine delivery form in morning game.
Photos by Jeremy Thiedeman


The Final on Sunday between Darrin Ede (WPH) and Graeme O'Donell (Brush Park).

Darrin Ede - start of the final
Darrin Ede
Michael Schwarcz watching the final
David Wilson (President) marking final - showing how to 'paddle'
Darrin with a small margin of Graeme O'Donell (Brush Park)
Darrin's family watching and hoping for another win Rookies Singles by Darrin
Darin Eded (WPH) being congratulated by Les Watkins - Vice President of Zone 10
David Wilson congratulating the finalists, Les Watkins watching.
Les Watkins congratulates Winner Graeme O'Donell (Brush Park) and Runner-up Darrin Ede (WPH) on an excellent event.
Photos by Jeremy Thiedeman

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