The KEY to a successful Bowling Excursion

Firstly, have Jeremy Thiedeman organise it! He had the vision, sounded out the likely recipients, collected deposits, arranged the accommodation and made the bowling arrangements with Lemon Tree Passage Bowling Club. He also had the M1 motorway resurfaced, sorted out the weather conditions and kept the price of petrol down.

32 people were here, of which 24 were bowlers with non-bowling partners.

Jeremy chose an idiot as his offsider and they sorted out the draws for the competition (to favour them both), but for some reason Jeremy did better than his offsider!

Day 1: After booking in at Koala Shores, we made our way to the Bowling Club and had our 2 games, one of 12 ends and another of 15 ends. Upon returning to Koala Shores, we all gathered in a large communal area for a BBQ (the smoke was asphyxiating) and we had our Raffle draws (some prizes kindly donated and the rest provided for in the money collected and hampers packed by Sue Gamble and Sue Thiedeman). After this social gathering, our group split into smaller groups and one particular group of about 14, sat around on a veranda and the conversation was directed at one stage into how couples had met each other . . . boring? . . far from it! Some couples are now not talking to each other!

Day 2: More beautiful weather was organised by Jeremy. Different groups had their own breakfasts, either a BBQ or into town. This was added to by a drive around for scenic views or pleasurable walks (while others still couldn't remember what day it was).

Back at the bowling Club, we commenced our 3rd game, after which Jeremy read out the Leader Board leading up to the Final game. The current Leaders were then Michael Quinlan (1st), Maureen Corke (2nd), who were luckily drawn as partners, and Gerard D'Costa (3rd) and Lorraine Singh (4th) who were also drawn as partners. Well after the Final 4th game the outright winners were M. Quinlan 1st, Maureen Corke/David Robinson 2nd, J. Thiedeman 3rd, H. Quinlan/Veronica Doyle 4th and G. D'Costa/Lorraine Singh 5th. It turned out to be a fun event with a 'Spider' thrown in to confuse everyone.

After the games, we made the presentation of a plaque and a letter from our Men's President, David Wilson to the Lemon Tree Bowls Co-Ordinator Bill Jordan, expressing our great appreciation for their assistance with an invitation from both Club's to arrange another.

We returned to Koala Shores for a clean-up and a few more drinks down by the water's edge before being picked up by bus to return to the Bowling Club restaurant. Well, we were given a special room, the meals were excellent with a great choice and very affordable. This was followed by a Presentation of prizes to the winners, with the main prize of 3 night's accommodation donated and presented by the  Koala Shores manager to Michael Quinlan.

Incidental Comments: There were a few moments that shouldn't be discussed . . . but we will.

* The title of this story 'The KEY to a successful Bowling Excursion' emanated through the dramas of the Leonards at midnight (after an evening of imbibing) when John lost his cabin keys. A search party of thousands wandered through the park in the dark (and snakes) with no result. They finally consented to shack up in the Thiedeman's cabin and next morning found the offending keys not far away. (Dianne Leonard is still cranky though).

* Max and Gary Tyrrell bought a dozen oysters each for the BBQ, but when Max finished his, in his haste of always wanting to tidy up, accidentally threw 6 of Gary's oysters into the rubbish

* June Huntley was found on numerous occasions on the ground after stumbling (obviously the sea air)

* Ross Fitzpatrick was extremely rude by falling asleep at a gathering and upon waking made unsavoury comments.

* Rod Gambles luck finally ran out (and so did his battery), requiring the NRMA and finally

* The amazing discovery of Maureen Corke, who had only bowled once in her life (mind you, well coached at Twilight Bowls), who came 2nd in this bowling tournament. Maureen was assisted by the points left to her by David Robinson (Keith's son who only played one game) but she excelled in her first real game.

It was a great time away and I think we all look forward to others. . . . . .a spectator



Jeremy's Message: Get a great bunch of people together, pick a good location, throw in some bowling and you are destined to come up with a successful and memorable tour.

The venue at Lemon Tree Passage proved to be a very good choice for our first social bowling club tour in many years. It was great to see 32 members and partners joining in this one and it appeared to me that from the positive feedback to date, it wont be long before we lay plans to do other tours in the not too distant future.

The bowling club and facilities were of a high standard and added to the overall success of the tour. We have been welcomed back in the future and consideration will be given to returning to the same venues in the future. Should this be the case it is likely that we will play a tournament against the Lemon Tree passage bowlers.

There will be many stories to tell of this brief but most enjoyable trip and I ‘m sure that these will be told over ensuing days. I can assure all tourists that the investigation of the “toe groping affair” out of Cabin 16 will continue until we have found the culprit involved.

Congratulations to Michael Quinlan the inaugural winner of the POT LUCK Tournament and to all bowlers participating and to all those winners of other awards and the raffles.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had great pleasure in organising the event.

Thanks to all of those who made some contributions to the raffles. To Max Walters and the Gambles for their general assistance over the 2 days.  . . . Jeremy Thiedeman


Keep your eye out for photos of the adventure and news of the next away from home event.

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  1. Betty Gough

    Sounds like a great time had by all. Looks like a few reputations had been disposed of along the way. Sounds like the next “away” trip will be enthusiastically awaited.


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