How to Create Your Future



finding posibility

Our perceptions are so powerful that they shape the world around us in profound ways. Such is the point of today’s quotation. I hope it makes you think (a lot) about the ramifications of this truth in your life.

Questions to Ponder

- Am I thinking about possibility?

- If not, what am I thinking about?

- What future do I want to create, and is what I am looking for moving me toward that future?

Action Steps

1. Envision the future you desire, create a clear picture of it in your head.

2.  When you encounter situations today, ask yourself how this situation can help move you toward that desired future.

My Thoughts

What you look for is what you find. Two people can look at the same event or situation and see entirely different things – this difference is perception, which is a combination of choice and habit. So if you are thinking about possibility and opportunity, you will find it. If you are looking for fault, challenge, and obstacle, and you will find that, too. It is really almost as simple as that. The question becomes, as suggested above, what future do you want to create and what are you looking for to help you create it?

Thanks to Kevin Eikenberry

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