Greens Update

  • The bottom green will be taken out of play as from Monday 4 November. We expect the green will be available within five to six weeks. There will be some plugging which will be obtained from the top green. The greenkeeper is of the opinion that as the green has come out of the winter period quite well, that not a great deal of maintenance is necessary.
  • The Sports Club have approved replacing the turf on the top green with Tifdwarf, which the greenkeeper is obtaining from another club. Prior to this work, the green will be poisoned so there is no contamination of couch in the Tifdwarf. The green will be playable during this period and bowlers will be advised when the poisoning has occurred.
  • Other maintenance tasks include painting of bank supports, replacing some rink marker pegs, replacing missing jack and toucher markers, replacing windsocks and corner flags.
  • More of the shades have been replaced recently on the lower green. All users are asked to ensure the shades are correctly closed when their game is finished. By taking care of these shades, we can all benefit from the shelter they provide on hot days.

Both greens are planned to be back in full use before needed for Pennant season for either section.

If you have any questions on the greens and the their maintenance, contact Peter Eagle (, Greens Committee Chairman.

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