Men’s 2013 Presentation Day and General Meeting

Our Presentation Day will be on Saturday 30th November, so make sure you mark it in your calendar. We will be starting at 10:30 and there will be social bowls in the afternoon.

Come along to the presentation to get your trophy and to show support for all the bowlers that have been succesful in your chosen sport.

We will also be holding a General Meeting to vote on the new Constitution and discuss the new Regulations for our section. These documents govern how our section is run and this makes it very important that you make the effort to be there. See Revised Constitution & Regulations for background information from our President Warren Phillips.

There will be more details coming your way over the next week. If you know a member that doesn't use our website (hard to believe I know, but there are a few :)) then please pass this information on to them.


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  1. Dallas Post author

    Just for clarity, it is only the Proposed Constitution that requires approval at the General Meeting. After voting on the Constitution, there will be time to discuss the Regulations.


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