It’s all a matter of Arc!!

Prior to delivery of your bowl whilst on the mat many bowlers aim for a distant point on the bank, no? This method has many draw backs some of which include: the inability to keep your head down on delivery ; there is usually someone standing right over your aiming spot obscuring your shot ; if the jack is moved your aiming point is never quite a certainty; and if the mat is moved up and down the line say over several metres your aiming spot is never the same. A solution : get to know the arc of draw of your bowls, then when you are on the mat mentally project this arc to the jack, then on delivery aim for a spot on the grass 4 metres out from the mat which is on your arc line and presto a resting toucher!!


Michael Quinlan

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  1. Warren

    The Bowls Australia coaching manual on page 89 states there are 4 methods to obtain an aiming line and suggests that bowlers should use whichever method they are the most comfortable with and effective. The 4 methods are:
    1- Reference point on the bank
    2- Reference point on the green
    3- Watching the bowls track on the green
    4- Visualisation
    Every bowler can be effective with whatever method of aiming they choose.


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