How hard is it to say "thanks for your effort/support", or "thanks for making sure today worked well"?

There are a number of people in our club (and I suspect similarly in most sports clubs) who work tirelessly to ensure our social, Pennants, tournaments and championships run well, with no fuss, and for the enjoyment by all members of the club. This group includes elected officials, coaches, umpires, selectors, markers, Board members and other volunteers.

These people do not involve themselves to the extent they do for personal glory or gratification. They do it because they believe they can help others or improve enjoyment of the sport. Sure, there are some who look for the accolades of serving for many years or for delivering specific outcomes. These are in the minority and their motives usually make themselves known, very quickly.

On Saturday 15th June, we have our Appreciation Day. Traditionally this is to show appreciation for the members of the club that have represented our club in Pennants. It  has been extended to include members that have represented our club in any way, not just Pennants.

This year, lets spare a thought (and a thanks) for those silent members that ensure our club runs well. Better still, next time you speak to one of them, make your appreciation known - don't wait for a special day.

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