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  1. Dallas Post author

    Congratulations to Kaye Eagle winning a close finish against Judith McCreadie.

    I was fortunate to see the last few ends. Kaye was leading 24 to 22 with Judith holding 3 shots when Kaye decided to check the head and steady her nerves before playing her last bowl.

    Fortunately for Kaye, the walk to the head did the trick. With her last bowl, Kaye trailed the jack to take 2 shots.

    Final score 25 to 22.

    A great final.

    It was also good to see quite a few spectators for this match.

  2. Dallas Post author

    The comp is now down to the final with Kaye Eagle playing off against Judith McCreadie and will be played on Tuesday 21st (hopefully this brilliant bowls weather holds out).
    We wish both the best and a close contest fitting of a final.

  3. Kaye Eagle

    The next round of the Women’s Major Singles is actually on Thursday 9th May 2013.
    The 4th is a Sunday!


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