2013 Men’s Minor Triples

20/3/13 Final:

Despite being behind for most of the game, Leo, Ross and Paul managed to stage a late game coup to clinch the match 22 to 16 over Kevin, Rod and Don.

I was able to see the first few ends and the last ends and was pleased to see more than a hand full of spectators watching and supporting the players. It's that support that a club is all about.

This was Don's last championship before he leaves us for the south of the State in a couple of weeks. I'm sure Don will be missed by many.

13/3/13 Semi Final:

Congratulations to today's winners.

Leo Saly, Ross Iredale & Paul vanTilburg had a very close win over David Howell, Peter Boyd (the Destroyer) and Max "Smiley" Walters (14 to 13). This match was great to watch and I'm glad I was there to see the last few ends as these guys battled it out.

In the second semi-final Kevin Tuckerman, Rod Gamble & Don Carpenter were too strong on the day, running out as clear winners at 27 to 13 over Tony Boughton, Bob Cole and Don Couch.

The Final is next Wednesday and I'm sure Don Carpenter would like to have a win to a see him off before heading to Albury.

6/3/13 Round 1:

First round of this year's event was played out on Wednesday.

View the draw here

Despite moving the competition to mid-week to give other bowlers an opportunity to play, we unfortunately only have 6 teams entered, and virtually all are regular Saturday bowlers. This means only 3 rounds with the Final now 20th March.

Does this mean Wednesday bowlers are not interested in competitions or improving their game or are they just afraid to lose?

I'd love to receive your comments on this. If you are not comfortable commenting on the page, email webmaster@demaj.com.au

It will be a quick competition.


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