2013 Ken Wighton Singles

Congrats to Paul van Tilburg winning today's final over Kevin Tuckerman.

Paul topped the day off with a win in the club raffle. When you're hot....

Semi-Finals 2/2/13

Congratulations to Kevin Tuckerman and Paul van Tilburg for what would be described as emphatic wins this morning.

The final on Saturday 9th promises to be interesting.

First round games completed without controversy this morning.

Congratulations to Max Walters and Doug McClymont winning in their respective games.

Next round 3rd February.

See the draw and all results here.

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  1. Max Walters Post author

    The 2 semis were played in alternating weather conditions (hot, cold, sprinkling) in front of a packed audience of 4.
    Pal van Tilburg def Doug McClymont 31-15 and Max Walters was defeated by Kevin Tuckerman 31-19.

    Note: The final will now be played on Saturday 9th Feb along with the Major Fours final. This means that all players are available for the Pennant trials against Asquith the following Saturday 16th February.


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