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Out of the recent Men's Section AGM is the decision (by overwhelming majority) to fix start times for bowls at 1:00pm in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) and 12:30pm in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). This applies to Men's Section only.

That means that from Sunday 7th October 2012 until Sunday 7th April 2013, Men's Section games will start at 1:00pm, and from Sunday 7th April 2013 to Sunday 6th October 2013, games will start at 12:30pm.

To see daylight savings times for other years, go to NSW Govt Lawlink webpage.


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4 Replies to “Game Times”

  1. Rossco

    “Why is that”….you already mentioned it “..didn’t want to CHANGE”. People just don’t like change and the older we get, the less we like it!
    These days large organisations employ Change Managers to guide all of us through this dark maze of the unknown.
    Some great ideas there Mal….start earlier or start later, but keep away from that middle bit! You have my vote….good on you.

  2. Mal

    Dallas, I did read your entry dated the 3rd September and must say, I understood perfectly what your meant. Correct terminology or not.

    I’m in favour of changing starting times in order to play in the best conditions. At the 2011 AGM I asked for a show of hands for players who would prefer to start at 9:00 – 9:30 in the summer months and there appearred to be a majority in favour. On a Wednesday match day some weeks later we put it to the players in attendance that we might consider starting the following week in the early morning time slot ….. but strangely enough most of them didn’t want to change. Why is that.

    I for one have now taken the view that I won’t be playing in the heat of the day during the December – February months …. I would prefer to start at 16:30 and play through to 20:00 during that period, but not at 13:00.


    • Dallas Post author

      You’re one guy I was confident would read the post, along with a few others….

      I recall your move last year and the surprise at the result then of the Wednesday bowlers when surveyed. I think this may be part of the reason that Michael Quinlan put his proposal formally as a motion to the AGM, knowing the decision would be binding.

  3. Dallas Post author

    My thanks to Ian Thompson for pointing out the correct terminology for the 2 time periods. The error has now been corrected.
    At least one person has read the post and referenced article!


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