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  1. Mal

    The final of the Minor Triples was played today with the team of Norm Jackson, John Skidmore and Steve Brady, defeating Con Ganis, Thompson Lee and Kevin Tuckerman 21-16. It was a worthy final with Steve’s team winning 11 ends to 10.

    This is the first time the Minor Triples has been played on Wednesdays and although only six teams entered, the feeling is that many more of the Wednesday regulars will take up the challenge next year.

  2. Mal

    The Minor Triples semi-finals were played today. In the 1st game, Norm Jackson/ John Skidmore and Steve Brady defeated David Howell/ Don Carpenter and Paul van Tilburg 21-15. In the 2nd match, Con Ganis/ Thompson Lee and Kevin Tuckerman defeated Peter Carritt/ Alan Cotton (sub) and Roy Robinson 25-14.

    The final will be played next Wednesday the 21st March 2012.

  3. Mal

    Two round 1 games were played today with the following results:

    In the 1st game Peter Carritt,Don Couch and Roy Robinson defeated David Beavis, Bob Cole and Max Walters 25-15.

    The second game saw Ron Jamieson (sub for Paul van Tilburg),David Howell and Don Carpenter defeat Doug McClymont,Tony Boughton and Alan Meaker 21-11.


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