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  1. Mal

    The much anticipated final of the Ken Wighton Singles Championship was played today between Steve Brady and Bob Cole. As predicted after last weeks matches, this was always going to be a close game. An indication of how close it was the score after 10 ends had been played was 5 shots each. Throughout the game the scores remained close until the 33rd end when Steve picked up a 4 followed by a 1 and a 2, to lead 30-21. Bob fought back gamely but on the last end played Steve picked up the vital 31st shot and ended up winning 31-26. Steve is the first winner of this trophy and what made it even more special was that Ken Wighton was there to present it personally.

    I always feel it’s a pity that more of our members don’t make an effort to come and watch these Sunday matches, even if it’s only for the 2nd half.

    Thanks to Mathew Stubbs for marking and Dallas Palm for umpiring. Also thanks to both players for a grand spectacle. I’m glad I was there to see it.

  2. Mal

    The semi-finals of the Ken Wighton Singles were completed today with good wins to Bob Cole over Roy Robinson 31-4 and Steve Brady over Paul van Tilburg 31-9.

    The final will be played next Sunday morning, the 4th March and going on today’s performances should be a close game.

    • Dallas Post author

      Unfortunately the weather had other plans! The continued wet weather that closed the grounds for the Pennant round was enough to keep the green unplayable on Sunday.

      The final is now expected to be played Sunday 11th March – weather permitting.

  3. Mal

    The remaining 3 matches in round 1 were played today, the 19th February, resulting in wins to Bob Cole over Doug McClymont 31-26, Steve Brady over Max Walters 31-17 and Paul van Tilburg over David Howell 31-9. Our thanks goes to our markers Clive Donohoo, Mathew Stubbs and John Leonard, all of who gave freely their time even though they were not playing in the event … thanks guys.

    Next weeks matches will see Roy Robinson against Bob Cole with the marker being David Howell and Paul van Tilburg against Steve Brady. The marker for that match will be Doug McClymont.

  4. Mal

    One round 1 match in the Ken Wighton Singles was completed earlier today which resulted in a win for Roy Robinson over David Beavis 31-27.

    This was a quality game of bowls with both players displaying skills far exceeding their limited experience. Well done boys.

    The remaining three matches in round 1 will be played on Sunday morning. Players and Markers are reminded that full club uniform must be worn.


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