Greens Update

Bottom Green:

The green received its first top dressing on Monday 31 October 2011. Plugging has been taking place on the edges and on other parts of the green. Further top dressings will be taking place over the coming weeks with resulting rub ins. It is anticipated subject to the weather conditions that the green will be ready for play during early December.

Top Green:

The green has been fertilised to have it active prior to renovation. Whilst the green is still in play, plugging will commence so the time that it will be out of play will be limited. It is anticipated at this stage and again subject to weather conditions, the green will be back in play well before Pennant season which commences in February 2012. Sprinkler heads 5 (bottom green) and 11 (top green) have been repaired. Number 5 still requires a further part; however it can be used manually. As soon as the part arrives it will be fitted.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to correspond with the Sports Club Board on a number of matters concerning the greens. An email was sent to Steve Brady on 19 October 2011. The matters raised have been discussed by the Board and a favourable response has been received.

Peter Eagle for Greens Committee

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