Ted Barfoot

Today whilst taking a look at the progress of the Barry Walker Classic Pairs final, I was told of the passing of Ted Barfoot late last week.

I have been bowling since 2003 and recall vividly those early games when I was learning the game. I played quite a few games with or against Ted in the first year or two of my bowling and always enjoyed the interaction with him. I particularly enjoyed his humour and his competitive spirit.

When playing lead against Ted, I learnt to not assume a good bowl of mine would last the end. It was not unusual that when I was successful at landing a bowl on or fairly close to the jack, Ted would quietly step onto the mat and deliver his bowl with what appeared to be a very cavalier attitude, finished off by turning to me with a big grin. Ted knew what was about to happen and all I could do was watch the inevitable. Yep - he would out draw my shot or more likely take my shot out. Not bad for a bowler who had difficulty seeing the jack at the other end!

Ted joined our club in Oct 1987, when he was a young 72 year old.

I've missed Ted's smile and friendly yet competitive approach to our game with his absence from the green over the past year or so.

Farewell Ted.

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