Skills Development – Part 2

Since the presentation of the plan to lift the skills of our bowlers in early September, there have been a number of bowlers that have completed the 40 bowl test as requested. Notably, bowlers from the 5s and 6s of this year have been keen to complete the tests. The same cannot be said for the 3s.

For the programme to be effective, we need all bowlers that are interested in developing their skills (or who expect to represent the club in Pennant teams) to complete the tests sooner rather than later. If you haven't completed the 3 tests (or haven't passed on your results) please do so over the next week or so.

These tests are important for setting the base line for individuals, for determining what areas of development individuals need and for providing the selectors objective information necessary for composing our teams for the coming Pennant season.

So, please complete your tests, and once you have, we can start work on improving your game.

Sounds like a great idea to me.

PS - I'm one of the 3s still to finish the tests, so can you guess what I'll be doing on Sunday?

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  1. Dallas Post author

    Well, I’ve done the ’40 bowl’ test and am now onto skills training to help address my deficiencies (this is going to take a while) when I get a chance.

    Actually, the best way is to set aside a time each week and do the drills. Regular, focused, planned effort is what is needed to make the improvements.

    Doing the training is best if done alone on a rink. By all means warm up with a couple of mates, and even have a few ends together after completing your training session, but do the training alone.

    Afterall, this is a sport to be enjoyed and training is also meant to be fun and enjoyable. Otherwise it becomes just hard work and we soon stop.

    Speak to Michael about your drills and progress. He has a whole range of drills depending on the team position you play and he is very happy to discuss appropriate drills for you.

    See you on the green soon.

  2. Mickie

    Only 16 people completed the benchmark test. not good in forming pennant teams.
    Obviously people have no confidence in their playing ability’


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