Skills Development Presentation 3rd September

A great presentation put together by Michael Schwarcz, Warren Phillips and others with the assistance of Michael Beaumont.

Very pleasing for the organisers was the room of faces eager to learn how this programme will help them improve their game. On top of this, when Michael Beaumont asked the question "who considers themselves as 'aspirant' bowlers?" the response was universal and instanteous amongst the 60+ bowlers present.

A very strong point made by Michael throughout his presentation is

that the development of your skills as a bowler is in your hands. It is 'your' skills that you are working to improve, and how far you go is largely upto the bowler to determine and act on.

The programme provides tools for you to benchmark your current capabilities in an open and objective manner. It is a tool for and the club's trainers and coaches to assist you to improve your game and ultimately for you to enjoy your game more.

Further, this provides better measure for the selectors in putting together teams to represent our club in Pennant competition and Club Challenge, Hornsby Cup, Orange Blossom Festival etc..

My thanks go to Michael Beaumont for giving his time to help us in this programme and making available the resources of the Development Team from The Royal. Thanks also to Alan Bowry for championing the programme with the Committee, and thanks to Michael Schwarcz who once again is putting his efforts into making our club a better club.

It is now up to us, the bowlers to make the most of this opportunity, for our bowling enjoyment.

The presentation can be viewed from the main menu under 'Training' or by clicking here. There will be more articles posted as the programme develops.

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  1. Warren

    The Benchmark Testing is progressing well but we would like to see a lot more people coming along and joining in the program. Those who have done the test more than once are already seeing the benefits and are better able to understand where they can improve.


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