Hello! Is there anybody out there?

Hello! Is there anybody out there?

I ask this question partly in jest and partly in earnest. The last comment by anybody apart from myself was late June this year, and the last post was more than a month ago!

Surely, either no-one reads this or if anyone does they either love the monotony of my scratching or you are all a bunch of masochists!

Come on, join the party and have your say. For my part, as long as you are not being personal or rude or abusive, the slate is yours. Try it - you may even find it cathartic to have your say. You won't know until you try it. No need to feel you might embarass yourself - write under a non-de-plume.

Prove me wrong - right a post or an article and surprise me (and yourself).

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  1. Dallas Post author

    Thanks to all those that have told me directly that they are indeed out there, and actually read the blog and use other parts of the web regularly.

    Reality is that I just like to ‘test the market’ every now and again to gauge the level of interest.


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