2 Replies to “2011 Men’s Minor Triples”

  1. the mole

    Obviously the bowlers in this club are to lazy to enter competitions. I have noticed that is getting harder in getting members to enter the competitions.
    Why don’t we have a graded championships like some other clubs do.

    • Ed Post author

      I’m not so sure that it is laziness or complacency that is behind the lack of interest in the recently abandoned Minor Triples event. Other championships this year have attracted the level of challengers of recent years. That said, I would love to see 4 or or 6 rounds in our championships.

      Possibly the question ought to be why was there so little interest in the Minor Triples event? Could it be because of misunderstanding over eligibility (despite rules being on display) or is this event not of interest to our members?


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