2011 Women’s Pairs

The first round on 21st April saw Pat Brady & June Scott defeat Jeanette Egan & Rosemary Roles, and Rosemary Rolles & Anne Lucietto defeat Betty Lamb & Margaret Wighton.

The next round will be played on Thursday 28th.

Click on the following link to view the draw Women's Pairs

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2 Replies to “2011 Women’s Pairs”

  1. Ed

    Congratulations to Rosemary Rolles &Anne Lucietto in their 26 to 7 victory over POat Brady &June Scott in the 2nd round played 5th May.

    Congratulations also go to Regina Tobin & Lynne Hindle for their success in the match against Maureen Howell & Cass Joyce with a 22 to 15 result.

    The final is due to be played on Tuesday 10th May and ought to be a good matc to watch.
    All the best to both teams for a tight and enjoyable contest on the day.

    • Ed

      Congratulations to Anne & Rosemary in their final’s victory on Tuesday.

      If my memory serves me correctly, these ladies are winning more than the ‘odd game’ between them.

      Hi Dallas,
      Alas, it wasn’t me that won this time…. we have two Rosemary Rolles in the club now and she spells her surname with 2 LL’s (what are the chances you ask?)
      Pretty slim!
      Regards Rosemary Roles (with one L).


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