Men’s Pennants – Round 1 Grade 3

vs Carlingford BC at home on Green#2.

The weather was no friend to our game yesterday, starting muggy with cloud cover, then hot when the clouds decided to vanish, and finally drizzle and light rain for the last 5-6 ends to finish the day. And yes, the sun came out after the game!

With the changing weather, we all had to respond to the change in the performance of the green, and it could be said that WPH had the home ground advantage under the conditions.

Terry's team got off to a slow start but managed to level the scores at around 14 ends then come home strong finishing 22 to 17. Aaron again played a starring role as the anchor that kept them in the game for a good part of the match, until late in the game when the rest of the team decided it was unfair for him to carry all the load! Well done Aaron.

Peter's team had a struggle with their opponents who bolted out of the gate. To their credit, the boys were tenacious and would not concede defeat. With strong focus on their board as well as the big board, they won many of the late ends to close the gap. Final score 12 to 22 loss.

Macca's boys had the reversal of Peter's and bolted to a 14:0 lead before dropping 8 points in 4 ends and giving Carlo a sniff of victory. However, for Carlo it was not to be. Once our team realised their lapse over a couple of ends, they refocused and came home strong, picking up a 7 to seal the game on the last end. Final score 29:11 win, and 16 ends to 5. Great effort. It was good to see Alan show his strength with some great bowls over the last 3rd of the game. Great work.

Overall the result was 63:50 and 5 points to 1.

That's a great start to the season. We all need to work hard to get a similar result over the coming weeks.


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