Men’s Pennants – Round 1 Grade 5

Beginning the first round of the 2011 Pennants Season, against Club Merrylands was on their home green, was never going to be an easy ask.

The three, Grade 5, teams this year are Mal's Marauders, Hoffman's Hooligans and Booth's Bandits.

All three teams were under the pump, from the start, with good play by the  Merrylands teams. There was a small interlude during play when marker pegs had to be measured by the Umpire, with one of the marker pegs having to be reset to the correct alignment. This anomaly was initially spotted by the Field Marshall.

With play going against us roughly 2:1 it wasn't until end 14 that The Field Marshall's team rallied together, a series of good ends, to finally obtain a result of 28 to Merrylands 25.

Mal's Marauders improved their position slightly to going down 16 points to Merrylands 23.

Hoffman's Hooligans, were unfortunaly sent packing with, 12 points to Merrylands 22.

WPH was 56 with Merrylands 70 giving Grade 5, 1 point for the round. 

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2 Replies to “Men’s Pennants – Round 1 Grade 5”

  1. Mal

    The 5’s travelled to Merrylands for the first match of the 2011 season and as expected found a really tough opposition waiting for us. Our main problem was as a result of going from our normal 11 or 12 second green to a slick 16 plus which many of our guys just couldn’t handle very well.

    Kevin’s team were beaten 12 – 22, Mal’s team lost 16-23 after being level at the 13th end, however Peter’s team had a marvelous recovery following a disastrous start to claw back for a 28 – 25 win. The final score on the big board was Merrylands 70, WPH 56. This resulted in a 5 – 1 win to Merrylands.



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