The blog’s future??

When I initiated this blog, it was with the intention of
providing a forum for members to have their say, and as a way to
disseminate information to our members, or in fact, anyone
interested in our club's activities. Lately though, I get the
distinct impression that very few of the members are looking at the
blog. This is bourne out by the questions I get asked at bowls,
questions which would not arise had the persons been reading the
blog. The blog is open for all members to make a comment on the
content that has been posted, or to ask questions about any aspect
of the club or bowls in general, or to make their own comments. The
last comment listed on this blog apart from myself was 4th November
and that from a person in the US! The last comment by a member was
back on the 17th October! Does this mean that I have wasted my time
and effort in developing and maintaining this blog? Don't get me
wrong, I enjoy doing what I am doing. I enjoy being a part of the
bowls community. I enjoy providing an opportunity for our members
to have their say. If you believe the Bowler's
is worth continuing, then leave a comment to this
post. I really want to know if anyone is still interested.

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    2 Replies to “The blog’s future??”

    1. Dallas Post author

      Since my last comment on this post, I am pleased to say
      that I have received emails, comments on this blog, and personal
      comments of support for the blog in general. The feedback indicates
      that whilst members are not keen to post articles or comments,
      there is interest and support for news and information that gets
      published. I appreciate the responses and well wishes for the blog
      and confirm that I will be continuing the blog in 2011. For those
      that are not comfortable or confident to put their thoughts onto
      the web, please feel free to email me Webmaster or leave a note in the
      mailbox and I’ll do the rest.

    2. Dallas Post author

      Well, this is unfortunately proving my fears. I know it is only 4 days, however if there was genuine interest and support, there would be some feedback by now.

      I don’t see much point in my time and effort being expended if it is not adding value to the club. I can put my energies elsewhere.

      Whilst we are on the topic, it would be good to get some feedback on who/how many use the club website. Leave your comments in the ‘Website & Blog’ survey on the front page.


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