Club Challenge – Round 3, 17th October

The day started out much better than the previous days with clear sky and very little wind and a forecast temperature that would be ideal for bowls. We felt then that it was going to be a great day.

We were welcomed by the boys at South Coogee BC

and invited to have a roll-up before the games. The green was similar to our no1 - couch, smooth, some runners and patches, running at about 13-14 seconds.

Despite a good start and holding the lead for a few ends, Dallas couldn't maintain the consistency required and went down 31 to 17. The 3rd loss in a row in the Club Challenge and now the 5th singles loss on the trot for Dallas. Looks as though he needs to attend the Saturday morning Coaching Clinic to improve his game!

The Pairs game was a success with Keith on fire as lead and Matty doing a fine job of upsetting the opposition skip with great bowling - welcome back Matty.

The fours also had a positive result and from my observation, held the lead all the way to the last end.

Well done to the Pairs and Fours - that gives us our first wins and 4 points in this competition.

Thanks go to our hosts for the day. The hospitality was superb and the atmosphere on the green couldn't have been better. They claimed to have the best 'black' beer in the southern suburbs - I can tell you it was certainly a good drop! But when they visit our humble club, they'll experience the best the Hills has to offer.

Next week we host North Sydney BC and I can tell you that I'm looking forward to the return bout (that is if I get selected) as I'm sure the other players are also.

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