Club Challenge – Round 2, 10th October

Congratulations to the boys from Bondi in their consumate victory in all three games against us this morning.

The singles game was a good tussle for a while but around about half way, Dan from Bondi settled on line and length and never looked back, despite Dallas' best efforts to stall his run to the finish line. Final score Bondi 31: WPH 20

In the pairs, Keith & Peter had a good game but were no match for the Bondi lads. Final score Bondi 17: WPH 12

The Fours was an interesting match but once again the result was not in doubt as the Bondi team ran away 26 to WPH 11.

All games were played in good spirits and it was good to hear friendly chatter on the green, with all players giving recognition of great bowls.

Thanks to Blake for preparing the green- it ran quite well considering we had a couple of heavy falls of rain early this morning. The Bondi lads all commented on the quality of our green compared to their 'goat track'. We'll see what they mean in a couple of weeks when we journey to the seaside for the return match. Thanks also to Shane's crew for the fine nibbles to finish off the day.

Next week we have an away game against Coogee South, and we would all like to see a victory to one or more of our teams.

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