Presidents Cup

Here we again right competition wrong day.

The President Cup I believe was created for bowlers  who did not wish to play pennants. As most of the Non Pennant players play on Wednesday which is a logical day to have the competition. We put on saturday so all the Pennant Players can play what a  joke. When will the social players(non pennant players) get a fair go.

Come on Terry and rest of the committee couldn't you reconsider the day.

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3 Replies to “Presidents Cup”

  1. Dallas


    In previous years this competition was held on Saturday for those bowlers that either elected to not participate in the Pennant Competition or nominated but were not selected on a given round. Looking over the list of players in the Cup for the past 2 years proves this point.

    This year, the Committee took the decision to postpone the running of the Cup until after the Pennant season due to lack of social players on Saturdays. The competition will run for 8 weeks on the Saturday games. Playing a game is worth 1 point and being in the winning team gives 2 points. The points are accummulated for the 8 weeks and the one with the most points at the end of week 8 takes the title.

    I will endeavour to provide an running score table on the website for those interested.

    Steve, I hope that answers your query about the rules.


  2. Steve

    Mole, what’s your beef? It sounds like you didnt play pennants and want something special. Weren’t you good enough or just ‘special’?

    What are the rules anyway? Anyone prepared to publish them?


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