2010 Mixed Fours

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  1. the apprentice

    Congratulations to Ken, Margaret, David and Rowena on their win in the 2010 Mixed Fours Final. It was a great game and the first of many mixed championships at WPH!

    • Dallas Post author

      apprentice – you only saw the last portion of the game.

      What we experienced in the runners up team was complete domination. Rowena set up many a head, with David building more shots, followed by Margaret doing more of the same.

      Then came Ken. Ken played with a confidence that I had not witnessed in a long time – most likely bouyed by the semi-final win on Saturday with Peter Eagle in the Barry Walker Classic Pairs. Ken was in complete control, removing our shots to turn the table or removing one of ours to increase the count in his favour. A strong indication of Ken’s confidence was his disregard for playing the shots called by Margaret opting instead to back himself with what he saw from the mat. It was a humbling lesson from a quiet performer.

      Congratulations to Ken and his team. I for one look forward to meeting in other championships to try and regain some cred on the green.

  2. Dallas Post author

    Keith & his team took total control yesterday in their clear victory over an opposition that struggled with controlling length on the heavy green. June certainly tried to keep her team in contention and saved many a shot early on but it is a difficult task when you are needed to save the end virtually all the time.

    Congratulations to Keith & his team. Now for the finals!

  3. Dallas Post author

    Congratulations to Ken Wighton and his team in their victory over Mal’s mob. One more semi-final game to decide who Ken meets in the final. Will it be June or Keith? We’ll just have to watch this weekend.


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