The Grand Finale – Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

My profound thanks to all members of all 4 of the WPH Pennants sides. You have represented your club with honour, tenacity and courage. In my final piece on the Pennant Season, I would like to reflect upon the performances of all grades.

Grade 3
Although derided by some as a side with little chance of achieving greatness in this grade despite their success last year, the 3s have not disgraced themselves but have shown that they truly deserve to be graded in the upper echelons of our game. This season has demonstrated how important team unity, discipline and consistency are to great performances and how different the level of playing ability of our opponents was between Grade 4 and Grade 3.

The 3s should be very proud of their performance, especially after having to re-group and "blood" several new players this season. To all of my new found bowling buddies - it has been an honour and a privilege to play with you.

Against Rosehill in our final game we proved our credentials with a 6-0 victory, defeating Rosehill 90 shots to 40 on the big board with the Roach Raiders, McIntosh Marauders and "All the President's Men" putting in an excellent performance.

Grade 5
Having had the unique experience of playing with the 5s as well as the 3s, I can honestly say that the gentlemen in this side have done exceptionally well. Set a tough draw, the 5s have distinguished themselves as a side that can take life's lemons and make lemonade.

MJ's team has faced many a reshuffle as has the Hoff's Beach Bums and the Field Marshall's High Command. Despite this, the 5s had the best chance of making the play-offs at the end of the season and tripped at the finish line with a disappointing loss to Putney-Tennyson 63-60. A valiant effort nonetheless and you should be proud of what you have achieved over the past 10 weeks, especially your win against section leaders Northmead in Round 9. All teams in this side had outstanding performances but one must include an honourable mention to the Field Marshall's High Command who managed 5 draws from 10 matches. Your sense of fair play and equality is an example for all!

Grade 6
While the author's playing schedule has prevented him from seeing much of the 6s and 7s, that does not mean I have not had a profound interest in their performances over the last 10 weeks. The 6s faced a difficult draw with several bowling heavyweights including Gladesville, Carlingford and Rosehill making the going tough. They came very close on a couple of occasions with a lack of Pennant competition experience in this new side holding them back from victory in the final stages of the game. Overall, the experience gained by all members of this side over the season will see many improved performances in social and club championships over the coming months. However, the 6s finished the season in style with a 5-1 win over Gladesville. Special mention to the Barry Walker Bombers and the Ken Wighton All-stars for their efforts in today's victory. No doubt the 6s will be a formidable force in 2011!

Grade 7
The 7s may be described as our most surprising grade this year. Building on the success of our 7s last year, the 2010 side have gone from strength to strength in terms of improvement and experience. Like the 6s, the 7s were set a tough draw including Merrylands, Hunters Hill and the Hills BC. Despite this, the 7s defeated the Hills both at home and away and fought out an exceptionally close 4-2 defeat against Merrylands at Merrylands. They have well and truly showed the depth and courage of the side in their "never-say-die" attitude. Fighting until the end, the 7s emerged victorious against North Epping 5-1. My congratulations to the 7s, you have demonstrated that WPH is definitely a club to watch!

Thus on reflection, despite no teams making the play-off it has been an excellent season for West Pennant Hills. Our club spirit has shone through and we have demonstrated to the rest of the Zone we are a force to be reckoned with!

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3 Replies to “The Grand Finale – Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”

  1. Dallas

    David, I doubt anyone in the club could have written a better close for the season. Well done.

    My congratulations to all the Pennant players this season. I also believe we have shown other clubs in the zone that West Pennant Hills is not a push over anymore.

    I for one am looking to enjoy the club championships before tackling the quest for the flag in 2011.

    • the apprentice Post author

      Thanks Dallas, though now the mystery surrounding the author has been ruined. We have really pushed ourselves as a club this year to perform at our peak. Like you, I can’t wait for the 2011 season!


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