Greens Survey

Let us hear your view on the greens this season. The quizz is short with only 10 questions.
1. Make your selection then click on 'Next' button to take you to the next question. 
Click on 'Submit Survey' to save your response.

The results will be posted in a couple of weeks. Thank you for taking a few moments on this quiz.


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7 Replies to “Greens Survey”

  1. Snuffy

    What’s the point of putting these numbers up? 11 responses is too few to make any call. I see there are 151 bowlers in the club – WHERE ARE YOU?

    • Dallas Post author

      Yes ‘Snuffy’, you have a good question – ‘Where are they?’

      I’m quite disappointed in the lack of participation to this survey. I foolishly thougt at least the 48 Pennant+ players might have responded.

      My take from this apathy is that our members don’t care enough to voice their opinion (even though it is anonymous) to help mount a case for getting the facilities we want in our club. It would appear that they will wait until it is too late then whinge and whine that they haven’t been consulted! Well they may not have been consulted to date, however here is the chance to voice an opinion.

      This is the sort of apathy that makes me question the value of my efforts to provide communication facilities such as the website and this blog. I’ve been knocked for including comments about the club being a ‘retirement village’, well, in hindsight maybe Mickie was right to chip me for that when considering our bowls. However, apathy is a far more concerning characteristic for any club.

      ps – take the opportunity now to respond or have your say on bowls, the club or this site before I become a victim of apathy and take it down.


      • mickie

        No! Dallas don’t let the apathy of the members of this club make you remove this wonderful way of communicating.
        Sure it is disappointing that so few people have answered this important survey but at least 11 did. Next time it will be 15 then 20. It takes time to grow. Until you came along a got the web going and now the blog all we heard was winging in the back ground. Now a lot of this whinging is coming to the front. It doesn’t matter whether the people are known or not at least something is being said.

        Surely this must help the management committee in a small way.

        Come on West Pennant Hills Bowlers show our support for what Dallas is doing, cause without this form is of communication we will be back in the “Dark Ages”. With all the negative whinging in the background and again and we will not move forward.

        • Dallas Post author

          Thanks Mickie for your support. You are right in pointing out that 11 people did respond.

    • Dallas Post author

      Certainly will. I was waiting to get a few more responese to make the analysis meaningful. I expect to release data shortly.

    • Dallas Post author

      Results of Greens Survey at 31 May. Would be good to have a few more responses to make the results meaningful, so, if you haven’t responded yet, please complete the survey.

      Q1. How do you rate No.1 green this year?
      The best 0 Votes (0%)
      Very good 7 Votes (63%)
      Acceptable 1 Votes (9%)
      Could be better 3 Votes (27%)
      Goat track 0 Votes (0%)
      Total Votes: 11

      Q2. How do you rate No.2 green this year?
      The best 0 Votes (0%)
      Very good 2 Votes (20%)
      Acceptable 5 Votes (50%)
      Could be better 3 Votes (30%)
      Goat track 0 Votes (0%)
      Total Votes: 10

      Q3. What speed green do you prefer? Select Count/Percentage
      18s 1 Votes(7%)
      16s 6 Votes(46%)
      14s 5 Votes(38%)
      12s 1 Votes(7%)
      10s 0 Votes(0%)
      Total Votes: 13

      Q4. Do our greens provide enough draw and finish for your style of bowl and style of play?
      Excellent. Wide draw and enough finish to make it a challenge. 0 Votes (0%)
      Quite good draw and reasonable finish. 5 Votes (55%)
      Acceptable, has some draw and finish. 3 Votes (33%)
      Narrow, little finish. 1 Votes (11%)
      Poor – like playing 10 Pin! 0 Votes (0%)
      Total Votes: 9

      Q6. How long have you been bowling at West Pennant Hills?
      Less than 1 year 0 Votes (0%)
      1 to 3 years 1 Votes (11%)
      3 to 5 years 2 Votes (22%)
      More than 5 years 6 Votes (66%)
      Total Votes: 9

      Q8. What Pennant grade did you play this year?
      1 0 Votes(0%)
      2 0 Votes(0%)
      3 5 Votes(55%)
      4 0 Votes(0%)
      5 4 Votes(44%)
      6 0 Votes(0%)
      7 0 Votes(0%)
      Did not play Pennants this year 0 Votes(0%)
      Total Votes: 9

      Q10. Would you support a combination of 1 turf and 1 synthetic green?
      Yes 9 Votes (100%)
      No 0 Votes (0%)
      Makes no difference to me. 0 Votes (0%)
      Total Votes: 9


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