Perhaps it is time for a change!
Briefly, reflecting upon a Pennant side comprising three teams, one of which, draws with the opposition team after 3 or 4 hours of play then surely being left in limbo is not a good outcome. Surely it would be far better to determine an outright winner by playing an extra end or alternatively which ever team had won the most ends. Our "5" side was a case in point where five draws from ten games was "achieved"...Is this what one wants?
Other forms of sport, eg codes of football, hockey(field/ice) has extra time, tennis has tie breaks and so on to decide a winner. It is now time to move on in this sport of bowls!

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    1. DBS Post author

      Go for it Mickie..strike while the topic is to the fore. All they can do is “can it”. Let the Club do something positive for the game of bowls. It’s got some merit!

    2. Dallas


      This is certailny food for thought. As you say, most sports have a means of determining an outright winner, so, what is to stop bowls doing the same?

      For the 5’s side to finish with 5 draws from 10 starts is quite remarkable. I believe in a number of cases the team fought back from a slow start to achieve the draw, and that says a lot about the fighting spirit of the team, the ‘never say die attitude’ required to be a champion. Congratulations to the team. I’m sure next year all members of that team, whether they are together or not, will demonstrate that fighting spirit again.

      It is results like this and the overall performance of all our Pennant sides, and looking at the standard of the Club Championships, that gives me confidence to claim we have morphed from a ‘retirement village’ into a competitive club over the past 2-3 years. Look out Zone 10!

      • mickie

        Can I suggest Dallas if you feel strongly about this send I letter to the Zone 10 outling your suggestion and they will pass onto the State Match Committee. Now is a good time as the SMC is looking at refining COP.


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