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Provided the weather is kind it is envisaged that green #1 will be available by mid December or earlier. One rub in has taken place and it is proposed the second one will take place in the first or second week of November. A small amount of plugging may be necessary in the North West corner, however the balance of the green will not require any plugging this year.

The top green will be taken out as soon as the bottom green is available. Plugging will be necessary in the North West and South West corners. As with the bottom green there is not a lot of maintenance required.

An approach has been made to Hornsby Council to see if we can obtain some relief from the gum trees on the Western side. Due to the size of the trees there is concern that somebody may be injured by falling branches when strong winds are blowing from the Western quarter. We also have the continuing problem of leaves, and gum nuts.

An inspection of the shade cloths on both greens has been completed. Apart from some minor repairs to the cloths on the top green, there are not many problems and they will be rectified by the green keeper. In the case of the bottom green, the majority of cloths need attention.
Green No 1 (the lower green) has been taken out of action following the Open Day on Sunday 14th October.

Keep checking for updates on the renovation programme this year.

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