• Measuring, to be sureJohn checks for shot.
  • Ian's looking for inspiration to stop the John Leonard Juggernaut
  • Fianl scorecard
  • Ian congratulates John on a brilliant comeback.
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Two very fine bowlers, Ian Corke and John Leonard, did battle today for a position in the semis of the Major Singles.

And what a match it was. Ian dominating the first half of the game and after 14 ends led John 24 to 2, loosing only two ends in that period . Highly skilful bowling by Ian kept a somewhat frustrated John out of the game. In fact the game seemed all but over at that time.

No one, however, had told John. In the next 21 ends that followed John lost only two ends and defeated Ian 31 to 27 with a superb display of bowling that closed the door to Ian’s gallant endeavour. It seemed that even John was amazed at the end result.

A game to be remembered by both participants, albeit for different reasons.”

Jeremy Thiedeman (raving/roving reporter for the day)
See the complete draw here.

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