Don Carpenter in Wagga

I have now joined the Commercial Club and playing there on the artificial surfaces. I have been finding it hard to cope for the first two weeks but am starting to get it under control.

Weather he has been a barmy -1 to 0 of a morning and around 13-14 during the day.  So far have not frozen my men bits off but some days you need a polar fleece coat.

The guys & ladies down here are very friendly and have made me feel welcome.

As soon as I walked into the club I reduced the age by 20 years, so I have already been asked to play Pennant in January.

Don Carpenter

PS: There was a small incident with one bloke who had chip on his shoulder and threatened me. I calmly said "you know the last bloke who threatened me got a broken nose" and he seemed to lose interest. Thank god, he was a solid bloke! It just shows that bullshit goes a long way if presented correctly!

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