2013 Men’s Major Singles Final


2013 Major Singles Champion, Keith Robinson, and Runner-up, Peter Eagle.

What a match!The first 9 ends were virtually point for point with each player on 8 shots, Peter winning 4 ends and Keith 5. From then until 20th over, it appeared Keith was going to run away with another title, winning 7 of 11 ends. However, Peter was not about to let Keith off that lightly, picking up the next 4 ends claiming 9 shots to take the score after 24 ends to 24:23 to Peter.The next 7 ends were a battle of concentration. On one end, Keith was holding 3 shots only to see Peter draw the perfect shot through Keith's front bowls to claim 1.

FInal score Keith 31 to Peter 29.

A very good match between the 2 best players in the club at the moment.

Thanks to Warren Phillips (marker) and Michael Schwarcz (umpire) for their work making sure this match ran smoothly.



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