Challenge Cup

Friday 12th April 2013 was the second year of the Challenge Cup tournament with our closest neighbours, Pennant Hills Bowling Club.

The Challenge Cup is the result of the close co-operation between our clubs in 2011 when we submitted a joint proposal to host State Pennant Finals. Despite what was acknowledged as a very professional and comprehensive submission, we missed out.

Our two club Presidents (Terry Rae - Pennant Hills, Peter Eagle - West Pennant Hills) conceived the idea of the challenge and hashed out the conditions and entry eligibility.

The tournament consists of 3 games of 3 bowl triples of 12 ends per game. Each club enters 10 teams of bowlers. Scores from each game are tallied to provide a total score for each club for the day.

Terry Rae presenting trophy to Peter Eagle

Terry Rae presenting trophy to Peter Eagle

2012’s tournament was hosted by Pennant Hills and the result was an 8 point victory to Pennant Hills. This year, West Pennant Hills claimed a 9 point victory (314 to 305). That makes it 1 round each!

In 2014, we'll be facing off against Pennant Hills back on their home turf. Obviously our goal will be to retain the cup and make Pennant Hills come chasing it from us in 2015.

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